Paragon Cause on CBC Searchlight

We decided to enter the CBC Searchlight, why...not sure, it would be interesting? A chance to see if people liked music other than the standard CBC style? Whatever the case, we entered. 

It is certainly an interesting process. You enter, 50 people make it based on voting, 50 based on judges. Who knows...We are experimenting a bit with trying to get votes by mainly using social media, however its difficult to know how many votes is good. It would be interesting to know how many votes artists got last year. 

One thing that CBC did that was 'interesting' was release a list of 10 "standouts" during the voting process with links to their profile so you could vote. I'm not sure this is the most open and fair way of doing a vote, kinda want that band to win. Don't get me wrong, some great artists were featured, but...very...well....CBC. 

We found some great artists in there already, "The Pale Light" and "Denny Von Braun" are two that really sounded cool, neither were "standouts" according to CBC. 

The other odd change from previous years, is there is no requirement to have bands from each region of Canada make the second round. I'd be curious to hear why this was changed.  Its not a very transparent process thus far, but we shall see as it moves on to the next round. Personally, I think CBC should release all vote tallies, would be amazing/ 

Voting ends this week I think. 

Here is our page for our submission, Sunny.