Synth in the Shop - Roland JX-8P

What do you do when your favorite 80's synth is broken and you have a show? You bring it to the shop and get it fixed. Sadly, we are waiting on our beloved Jx-8P. The Fat Fifths and Cello are worth its weight in gold. 

You can hear the JX-8p On our song Sunny when the build occurs. That deep sound can only be achieved with those classic analogue synths of yesteryear.  The JX8P was a favorite of bands like Depeche Mode and used by The Cure. 6 voices, lush is what I think when I hear it. 

We recently purchased the PG-200 and were having trouble getting it to connect to the Synth. The PG-200 allows you to create your own sounds using standard synthesizer settings using the 2 Oscillators in the JX-8P. Sadly, it is not working. Nor is the C note! The issue with these old synths, is that problems are bound to happen and as we found out, they can be difficult to fix due to lack of parts and service centers. 

Here it is in all its glory in the jam space, but be advised, I do not condone placing delicious sour beers on top of it. 

Nevertheless, should have this thing back for the next show.....