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New Album 'EscaPe' by Paragon Cause Almost Ready

Exciting News, the new album is currently submitted for mastering by a great company in Toronto. We have some digital versions of the songs almost ready to go as well.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce a major news magazine in the USA wants to do the exclusive premier of one of our new songs, Consequence. More on this next week.

What is mastering? Alot of people ask that. Basically, mastering makes music rock. Its not easy. I will self master small releases from time to time in order for people to hear them, but mastering is an art unto itself. Mastering engineers are expert listeners and expert manipulators of music. They can make music go from dull to pumpingly amazing with the flick of a few switches. How? Compression, equalization, limiting and other fancy tricks. I'll spare you the details, but mastering can make a song really move you, mastering that doesnt work can make music sound irritating and fatiguing on the ears. Its a big part of music production.

One thing Mastering does, is it allows the important part of the song, whether it be the voice/instrument or feel to shine. Its exciting waiting for this.

Also, here is the final version of the album cover.

stay tuned!