Rain on the Side Featured on The Night Time Podcast

We often will write and produce ambient, instrumental songs for some local media including podcasts. Recently, a song we recorded, a B-side instrumental was included on a great Canadian true crime podcast called 'The Night time Podcast.

The Night Time Podcast - Joanne Pedersen

February 19, 1983, Chilliwack, BC

After ending up on the receiving end of her older sister and babysitter's childhood prank, 10 year old Joanne Pedersen found herself locked out of her house on a cold and rainy night. To request help, the soaking wet and sobbing child entered a pay-phone booth outside of a nearby convenience store and phoned her parents to request help.

By the time they arrived at the store to pick her up Joanne was gone. Now, 35 years since she was last seen, investigators have been unable to locate neither Joanne or the irritated man who was heard in the phone booth with her during her call for help.