New Album EscaPe Now Available for Stream and Purchase!

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We are excited to announce the new Paragon Cause Album Escape is available for download and streaming on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and other services.

Ottawa's trip-hop, shoegaze/slowcore and all round genre bending musical duo recorded this album over the course of 2017-2018. Some of the songs (ie Next Time) were required in completely different form and then transformed and produced to create their unique sound.  To be honest, we still don't know what genre we fit in...?

All songs Written, Performed, Produced and Mixed by Paragon Cause

Next Time (Featuring Benn Ross on Drums)
Away From Me
Next Time Ambient

Album Details
The album uses Fender Jazzmaster and Collings Electric guitars with effects pedals from Earthquaker, Wampler, Frantone, Xotic, Pigtronix, Eventide, J Rocket, Catalinbread, Zvex and Subdecay. All guitars were recorded direct into a pre-amp (Neve Portico, UA610 or direct into an Antelope Zen Studio). No amps were used for the recording. 

All drums, apart from Next Time were recorded using a Roland TR8.

The vocals were all recorded via either a AKG 414, Royed 121 or Shure SM87.

Multiple keyboards were used, a Roland Jx-8p, Vr-9 and a Korg SV1.

Mixing this album took forever. We recorded a ton of tracks and spent alot of time creating a big, expansive space with lots of textures. Alot of the vocals were recorded using a mid-side stereo microphone recording method with a few tricks thrown in for good measure.

The other great news is, we get to premier the album live in Halifax at the Seahorse as well as Pressed Cafe in Ottawa.

Listen Here