Dominionated Feature our Upcoming Single 'Drop Me In'

Its no secret we kind of ‘leaked’ a single we will be releasing in the next month or so. We couldn’t help it. We want people to get excited about the next 14 songs (yes new 14 songs) we have recorded. One of those being Drop Me In. This song will be released on all streaming sites in the next month or so. So, stay tuned for the final date!

We love this song, it is different than most of our music, yet, still very Paragon Cause. This song and another song on the new album represent a transition. We get bored doing the same thing, so we need to explore new areas of music. I think you will be very surprised with the next series of releases. Like I said, it is still ‘us’ just the advanced version.

Check out the new article published by one of Canada’s top Music Review and news Sites, Dominionated. There is so much good music on this site, you really should check it out.

A Big thank you to the team at Dominionated for including us.