New Single Conseuence in New Noise Magazine

We are happy to announce that New Noise Magazine has just premiered our new single of our debut album, Consequence.

Thank you to New Noise for the exclusive Release our NEW Garage Rock meets Shoegaze meets Psychadelic Blues meets Surf Rock Single, CONSEQUENCE.

Available for streaming/download and all that good stuff! Listen below!

“We wanted to make our version of a blues song, but rather than talk about loss and heartache, we made a song about the emotional complexities of anger and hopelessness some victims face after abuse and the desire for appropriate consequences. We wanted to juxtapose this with choosing optimism and discovering freedom from those whose conscience is scarce. But even with consequences and optimism, are abusers truly held accountable if emotional trauma remains?” – Paragon Cause

Paragon Cause's new single, “Consequence," equips an array of dreamy surf guitar lines and tastefully executed harmonies, resulting in a unique sound that is dark, immersive, and gritty, both sonically and thematically. With bluesy splashes and undertones of garage rock, “Consequence’s" darkness and depth is further accentuated by a reverberant drum beat that moves well with the song and comfortably supports a raw set of lyrics and vocals that are sure to please. - Manimal Productions

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Paragon Cause
Mastered by Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto.