Album review in Ottawa Life Magazine

Sometime in the 90s alternative hit upon some amazing and startling electronic landscapes that have rarely been taken foreword. For Paragon Cause, they manage to tap into this sound with endless ambition for an album that will inspire and invigorate. With a tempered crawl the album opens on the silky vocals and deep bass of "Next Time" as Paragon Cause mix Lynchian atmosphere with a rock grime. "Fear" mixes a little bit of ominous vocal delivery with a haunting guitar line that lets every harmony within the song feel like some remnant of what once was. They tap into a fiery and smoky energy on "Consequence" as their Western guitar riffs kick out to create a dangerous sense of tension within the song. "Sunny" brings something a little brighter however as their drums become a little more synthetic to let them focus on an angelic push of vocals that makes the track soar.

- Ottawa Life Magazine, May 21, 2018